There are many stories in life where bad things have happened to good people, and it just doesn’t seem right. Have you ever found yourself saying It’s not fair! or Why don’t the bad things happen to the bad people, instead of the good people?

The truth is that bad things happen to all of us – good people and bad people. And as much as you might feel that it’s not fair, dwelling on the story of how it’s not fair is never going to help you. In fact it’s going to hurt you because it’s going to get you stuck in the painful story. Saying it’s not fair disempowers you.

We only have a certain amount of energy to use in a day – 100% . If you’re wasting energy being upset about events that don’t seem fair or on small dramas, how much energy will you have left over to live a quality, fun-filled and enjoyable life?

Instead of wasting energy on things that don’t serve you, imagine the quality of life that you could have if you put that same energy into things that will serve you.

When something happens in your life that seems unfair, try asking yourself this question: What’s great about this? You see, when you get caught up in the drama you forget about the good stuff, and asking yourself this turnaround question can help you get back to an empowering place where you can start directing energy back into the things that serve you.

Life doesn’t turn out the way that it should; it turns out the way that it does. It’s a waste of time and energy trying to make life fair, when the truth is bad things will always happen. So it comes down to what you do with what happens that creates the experience of life that you’re going to get.