ruce Lee said that the usefulness of the cup is its emptiness. He said that, ‘If you come to my martial arts dojo and you come in telling me what you already know, and you’ve already heard this before, and the rest of that stuff, then there’s nothing new I can give you.’
What Bruce Lee is saying is that you have to empty out your cup. You have to come with an empty cup, to take it in new.

I’ve read the book, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles a few hundred times. Every time I read it, I read it from a fresh mind, not, ‘Oh, here we go again,’ or reading it so I can tell everybody how I’ve read it the most amount of times. Instead, I read it over and over again to take it in at another level. 

So, I want you to hear what I have to say now with a fresh mind. It’s critical and crucial to having literally everything you want, and I think it’s not taken as seriously or as deeply as is necessary. By the way, you’ve probably heard me say this about 400,000 times, because it’s one of my coined phrases:

“The fortune is always in the follow through!”

We live in a very disposable society. Things are just thrown away. When I was a kid, a Tonka Truck was made out of steel. It was this toy truck you had forever. Not only did it last your entire childhood, but you usually gave it to a cousin, or a friend, or somebody else, or even charity, and then they used it for a whole childhood, and maybe even a couple of childhoods after that. Now it’s made out of cheap plastic, barely lasts a year in a child’s childhood, and it’s tossed away.

When I was a kid, milk came in bottles, and those bottles, you reused them. As a matter of fact, you gave them back to the milkman if you got delivery service, but you reused them over and over again. And now we just throw stuff away. 

It’s the same with goals. You see people with them, and they just don’t stick with the.  All of a sudden, they’re done with one goal because it didn’t work out, and then they’re off to the next goal. 

You’ve got to stick with it. 

You’ve got to have that passion.

Along the journey towards your goals, you’re going to get challenged. Things are going to get rough sometimes. Things are going to not happen as fast as you want them to happen, the rest of those things, but that’s life. You have to trust that there is a method to it all, and that it’s forcing you into growth.

If you really want something, and if you really desire what you want, you’re going to have to follow through, and you’re going to have to push through those challenging times.

So often you see people who start a business, and it doesn’t go as fast and successful as they want it to go right off the bat, and they quit. Then they join network marketing, and that doesn’t work either, so they don’t stick with that and quit. 

Divorce these days, it’s so easy. People just get in a relationship, and then you face little challenges or difficulties, and they just toss it aside, like not really in there for the long haul.

There’s people who say, ‘But I don’t have anybody who believes in me, and that’s why I’m quitting!’

Well, I know that feeling, and I’m here to tell you that you got to keep going anyway. You got to keep pushing on. 

There’s a quote from one of my favourite movies, called Cast Away with Tom Hanks. After he gets off the island after being stranded there for four years, he says, ‘You know, I had to keep breathing. That was my focus. I had to keep breathing, because eventually, the tide would bring something new in.’ 

Wow, what a great line.

You’ve got to follow through. You’ve got to keep going, and you’ve got to look for new strategies and new ways to do it.

My really great friend, and also used to be one of my private clients, got cancer some years ago. He called me up and told me, ‘Hey, I’ve been diagnosed with really aggressive cancer.’
I told him, ‘My friend, now is not the time to feel bad. Now is the time to kick into gear and follow through. You’ve got to be willing to put the fight on. You got to go at this, to heal yourself, and if it takes 20 years, you got to stay consistent with that. Anybody can give up hope now. Anybody can give up courage. Anybody can give in. But that’s not where winners are forged. Winners are forged who push through that. It’s the runner who’s tired during the run, and then puts on that little extra burst at the end that wins and gets all the results. Are you willing to put the fight in 20, 25 years if it took that?’

His answer was obviously yes, because my friend has since not only cured himself of cancer. And not only that, there’s s a law of nature that most people won’t talk about, called ‘In the nick of time.’ It’s when you’re playing that you’re going to follow through and you’re not backing down, and it’s funny how stuff happens at that last crucial moment. All because you didn’t give up and you didn’t give in.

So my friend has not only cured himself of cancer, he has found the most amazing woman who is now his wife, he’s happily married, and wow, do these two people live with love, joy and adventure. Because man, when you get scared with death it really hit you in the face. It’s funny how when you make it past that, you start to live at another level, right?

Some other clients of mine, a couple from New Zealand were trying for over a decade to have children, and even after numerous attempts, it wasn’t working – they were going through IVF and sadly experiencing miscarriages, etc. I said the same thing to them: ‘If it takes you 20 years to have a child, are you willing to play the game at that level, at that intensity, at that willing to not break, not stop, not fall down, and go for it?’ 

They said yes. 

And guess what…

It was only a number of months before they fell pregnant with their beautiful son, who’s now probably 13 years old. What a wonderful experience.

Another client of mine cured himself with Tourette’s. Same thing. I said, ‘Hey, if it was going to take you 50 years to get rid of it, are you willing to put the game on?” And he said, “Absolutely,” and in a matter of months, he cured himself of Tourette’s.

My point here is the fortune in the follow through. You’ve just got to follow through!  

Relationships, they’re easy to dump aside and just go find somebody new, a new flavour of the month, or, ‘Hey, I got a little challenge, let’s end this one.’ Okay, but you’re never going to get the long-lasting relationship that you want. You’re never going to get the goals that you want. You’re never going to have the successful business that you want if you’re not willing to follow through.

Now, sure, there’s times that you do let go of it. Obviously, if somebody’s beating you in a relationship, or cheating on you, etc., but that’s obviously somebody who’s not following through on the other end, when they got into the relationship saying, ‘I’m going to do what it takes to make this work.’ 

As you see, it’s always about the follow-through. We’ve all faced adversity in our life. We’ve all faced pain. We’ve all faced let-down. We’ve all faced disappointment. You can either be a victim to it or you can keep breathing. 

I say keep breathing.

If you think my life doesn’t get challenged, that’s not accurate. Still to this day! 

Just because I was in a helicopter crash, and just because I’ve had other things happen to me doesn’t give me the get out of jail free card. It’s life, and I’m still standing.

With all of the things I’ve gone through in life, I have people telling me that the reason I go through so much in my life is because it just makes better content for videos I do, and workshops that I give, and coaching that I do. I don’t know, but anyways, I’m still here!

I’m still breathing. 

So you keep breathing too, because eventually, the tide will bring something new in. 

The fortune is always in the follow through.

Keep following through. 

Keep on keeping on.

Remember, the power is in the house!

Have a most outstanding day.

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