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PLUS! Kurek will be releasing a very special announcement at each of these events. All ticket holders will have the opportunity to be involved in this super-exciting new project!

It’s time to power up and take your life, finances, relationships and business to the next level and beyond

Aren’t you frustrated that you’ve been given all the goal-setting strategies before, yet nothing has worked long enough for you to get there yet?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and just don’t have the time to achieve your biggest goals in your life?

What’s holding YOU back from achieving
what it is you really want?

Kurek Ashley, known by millions of people around the world as “The Transformer”, is one of the world leading peak performance and success coaches. What he has has helped people, relationships, businesses, athletes, sports teams and entrepreneurs with around the world is truly awe-inspiring.


Discover how to achieve your biggest goals easily without having to work any harder (the goals that this works for can be personal, business, relationships, health and fitness, etc…)

Learn why most people fail at goal setting, and learn a simple step-by-step way of turning this around for yourself

Learn what’s been holding you back from achieving what you’ve been striving for and then how to smash through that to produce results that you may have already deemed as being impossible

Walk away with Kurek’s step-by-step action plan that you can easily implement daily to create instant and long-lasting change in your life

The Guarantee: when you put into action what you’re going to learn in this workshop, achieving the results are guaranteed! Once you learn it, you’ll see that it’s so easy to adopt and do, and you’ll be in awe of the results that you’ll produce in your life

Check out what Kerri Pottharst, one of Australia’s most well known and well-loved athletes,has to say about working with Kurek who helped her win Olympic Gold at the Sydney 2000 Olympics!

this event is for

We want to reserve space at this event for only those who:

  • Feel that right now is the time to do it; to make your goals a reality…and your life better
  • Are action takers
  • Make this an “I MUST do this for myself!” instead of an “I should…”
  • Have the attitude of “Just show me the way and I’ll do it!”

Choose to evolve!

If this is you, here’s what you need to do right now:

  • Register for seats right now – seats are limited, see further below
  • Make the declaration, “It’s my time! I want it to count! I want it to be better and I want better results!”
  • Show up with an unprejudiced mind and be ready for the transformation to begin


We only want action takers at this event!

Whatever your roadblock is right now that stands between you and your dream life, and as long as you have the desire to change, you MUST make the decision to be at this event.

Take action NOW and secure your ticket while they last:


Thursday 26 July
Broncos Leagues Club,
Red Hill


Monday 6th August
5:30pm – 8:30pm
Canada Bay Club,
Five Dock


Saturday 11 August
St Kilda


Wednesday 17 October
5:30pm – 8:30pm
Quality Hotel Parnell


Friday 19 October
5:30pm – 8:30pm
Intercontinental Wellington,





  • Included hardcopy of Kurek’s #1 international best-selling book How would Love respond? personally signed to you by Kurek at the event (value: $40)

$279 PLATINUM EXPERIENCE TICKET (limited to 20 people max)

  • Private VIP catered event with Kurek & Erin Ashley and his Success Team before or after the main event INCLUDED. Only 20 people get this exclusive opportunity to spend time with Kurek – ask Kurek questions specific to you
    (Note: time of VIP event varies between cities – see locations for more details)
  • Early event access for priority seating selection
  • Included hardcopy of Kurek’s #1 international best-selling book How would Love respond?
  • Personally signed to you by Kurek at the pre/post event
  • Wall Affirmation Artwork containing quotes from Kurek’s book How would Love respond?

PLUS! Kurek will be releasing a very special announcement at each of these events. All ticket holders will have the opportunity to be involved in this super-exciting new project!

Warning: Who This Event Is NOT For

We don’t want seats filled at this event by people who aren’t ready to change their lives for the better.

This event is not for people who:

  • Want to stay where they are in life
  • Have already thrown in the towel and said,
    “this is just the way that it is, it will never change”
  • Have given up on life
  • Want to have a lot of regret at the end of their life

Even if you’re already enjoying a life filled with success, or feel ‘content’ the strategies shared at this event will, when put into action, take your life to the next level and beyond! Your life doesn’t have to be bad in order to make it better.

“In life, you either evolve or dissolve.
Nothing stays the same.”




EVERYTHING that Kurek has set out to achieve, he’s smashed!

Kurek is an internationally renowned Success Coach, speaker and best-selling author in the fields of self-discovery and peak performance, personal and professional development.

For over 30 years, Fortune 500 companies, major corporations around the world, Hollywood film and TV stars, Olympic Gold Medalists, professional athletes and sports teams, top business leaders, and more hire Kurek to teach them tactical success strategies that have produced awe-inspiring results.

He’s even helped businesses that have struggled for more than 25 years turn things around to produce millions in profit a year!

The delivery of his world-class firewalking, glass walking, board and arrow breaking events, and other super-powerful programs has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, and now he’s coming to a city near you to support you to reach your full, peak potential!

“Kurek, you truly are the embodiment of the word OUTSTANDING!”




Erin Ashley is the Co-owner and Director of Success International teaching personal and professional development to millions of people around the world, helping them to succeed in all areas of their lives and businesses. She is considered to be a premier expert and thought leader in the fields of Mindfulness, Yoga & Meditation. Through her trainings and programs she has helped countless numbers of people transform stress into peace, including working with top global entrepreneurs, business leaders, couples with their relationships, youth, and people from all walks of life.

Genine Howard

Genine Howard is best known as a Success Coach and Magazine Editor who has created and sold numerous high end magazine titles including regional and international boutique publications. With a swag of accolades, Genine is also an author, professional public speaker and has appeared on radio, television and global magazines throughout her career. She is now dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs live their most extraordinary lives teaching them how to clarify and speak their message, influencer-style branding and power mindset so they can build impactful business empires.

“My job is not to teach you content, it’s to facilitate real-lasting change in your life.”



Listen to how Luke quickly and dramatically improved his business and life through putting into action Kurek’s teachings:

Leanne, a mum of two, turned her business, financial and relationship situation around using the same strategies Kurek will be sharing during his tour:

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