Managing any kind of change involves managing your mindset.

Right now, it’s the season of change and new beginnings. People are talking about all the excitement ahead.

What time of year are we talking about? For most people, they’re talking about the turn of the New Year.

What I’m talking about is any time of year. Any time of year is an exciting time to be talking about what’s coming up, what you’re going to produce and the newness that’s going to be created.

Living here in Australia, with an American accent, a lot of people have been asking me what I think about Trump winning the US presidential election.

Don’t worry…this isn’t going to be a political opinion blog!

It comes down to two candidates running for presidency – one wins, one doesn’t. The one that wins may not be the one you voted for, but that doesn’t matter anymore, because now they’ve already been voted into office.

And whoever got elected, whether or not you voted for that person or believe in their policies, now is the time for change.

Whoever got voted in, I hope they turn out to be the very best president that the US has ever seen and I hope that they’re going to create the best change that’s ever happened for the country. Now I’m not saying that I voted for this person and it doesn’t even matter who it is, which election, or which country that we’re talking about here. It’s about the hope that whatever the situation is, that it becomes the best situation possible.

Now is the time to shape your own destiny.

What we’re seeing is that a lot of people are upset about who made it into office, and there’s a lot of negativity being spread.

If you’re going to wish that president of the US does bad, guess who pays the price? You. And your country. The whole country has a problem. When a whole country has a problem, the whole world has a problem.

About 10 years ago I was very fortunate to spend some quality time with President Clinton. I asked him, “Sir, what are some of the biggest things you learn and notice by being President?” He said, “Kurek, the most important thing is to never wish bad against another country. Never hope that somebody else suffers or goes without, because when they do suffer or go without the whole world pays the price.”

President Clinton’s insight applies here and now too. While you may not agree with the policies of the newly elected presidents, you can still get behind them and help them become the best president that the country has ever seen, and help them make the most positive changes the country has ever seen. It’s the only way the country is going to get better and the only way that the world is going to get better.

It’s something that Wayne Dyer taught me years ago: when you change the way that you look at people, those people that you’re looking at will change. If you’re looking at that person who has been put into office thinking there couldn’t be a more worse scenario: if that’s the way you’re going to respond to the situation and the way you’re going to look at the person then that’s the reality that you’re going to create. Unfortunately you, the people in your country, and the people on the planet all pay the price.

If we’re not part of the solution, we’re part of the problem.

Whether or not it’s the person you voted for or not, now is the time to start changing your mindset. Now is the time to start changing the way that you participate.

One person can make a difference. One person can change the world. It starts with individuals.

Make the decision now that you’re going to add to the betterment of the government. That you’re going to add to the betterment of the president. If you’re thinking, “I don’t want to make him look good! That’s not who I voted for and I don’t want him to get the credit!”…who cares! That’s just a story and we don’t want to get caught up in that. We want to rise above that and make positive change in the world. And if you want things to change, you have to change first. The world’s not going to change by itself. “I must change first.”

We need to stand up to be counted, to make a difference.

The level of negativity about what’s happened is so strong. It’s affecting friendships because of differing political opinion. And if you’re going to be negative about the situation then you’re going to keep producing a negative situation.

So change you’re mindset right now. This applies to anywhere in the world, not just the US. Help your elected officials become the best that they can possible be, to make the best changes so that where you live becomes a better place, and the whole world becomes a better place.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this so leave a comment below.