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Discover how to create a life that's emotionally fulfilling and successful, both personally and professionally. Now in it's 5th printing, How would Love respond? continues to transform lives all over the world with Kurek's uncanny ability to inspire and evoke new thought, through a down-to-earth road map of tools and empowering strategies.

After a horrific helicopter crash in which his best friend died in his arms, Kurek Ashley suffered for two years with severe depression, until he finally experienced a transformation through the source of pure and infinite love. After receiving a glimpse into the source of this infinite power, he transformed his own life and has now gone on to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Kurek offers here a spiritual toolkit for creating global abundance through love and by harnessing and directing the thought processes that create success and failure.

  • Kurek Ashley how would love respond
  • Kurek Ashley how would love respond
  • Kurek Ashley how would love respond
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  • Kurek Ashley how would love respond
  • Kurek Ashley how would love respond
  • Kurek Ashley how would love respond


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  • Addresses how to deal with fear, doubt, self-esteem and anything else that stands in your way to achieve everything you have ever dreamed of.
    Natalie CookOlympic Gold Medalist
  • Take a deep breath and feel Kurek's love remind you of your own perfection, wholeness and completion.
    Jagatjoti KhalsaAuthor, Altar Your Space
  • Destined to become a classic as Kurek teaches us the most important lesson of all.
    Peggy McCollNew York Times bestselling author, Your Destiny Switch
  • You can never be too kind or too fair. This warm, inspiring book shows you how to practice love in every experience to achieve real peace and ultimate joy.
    Brian TracyBrian Tracy, Brian Tracy International, speaker, author, and consultant on sales and entrepreneurship