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Imagine If You Were Given A Gift So Powerful That You Knew You Had To Share It With The World . . .

Discover how to create a life that’s emotionally fulfilling and successful, both personally and professionally. Now in it’s 5th printing, How would Love respond? continues to transform lives all over the world with Kurek’s uncanny ability to inspire and evoke new thought, through a down-to-earth road map of tools and empowering strategies.

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After a horrific helicopter crash in which his best friend died in his arms, Kurek Ashley suffered for two years with severe depression, until he finally experienced a transformation through the source of pure and infinite love. After receiving a glimpse into the source of this infinite power, he transformed his own life and has now gone on to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Kurek offers here a spiritual toolkit for creating global abundance through love and by harnessing and directing the thought processes that create success and failure.


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21 reviews for HARDCOVER – How Would Love Respond?

  1. Natalie Cook – Olympic Gold Medalist (verified owner)

    Addresses how to deal with fear, doubt, self-esteem and anything else that stands in your way to achieve everything you have ever dreamed of.

  2. Jagatjoti Khalsa – Author, Altar Your Space (verified owner)

    Take a deep breath and feel Kurek’s love remind you of your own perfection, wholeness and completion.

  3. Peggy McColl – New York Times bestselling author, Your Destiny Switch (verified owner)

    Destined to become a classic as Kurek teaches us the most important lesson of all.

  4. Brian Tracy – Brian Tracy, Brian Tracy International, speaker, author, and consultant on sales and entrepreneurship (verified owner)

    You can never be too kind or too fair. This warm, inspiring book shows you how to practice love in every experience to achieve real peace and ultimate joy.

  5. MT (verified owner)

    This is a really fun read and the stories are just amazing. It’s probably not what you are expecting but when you finish you’ll feel like you gained great knowledge and are better off because of it.

  6. David (verified owner)

    Picked a lot of this up along the way – but a great to see it all packaged together. Full of gems!!

  7. Richard Aukett (verified owner)

    Written from his heart, Kurek Ashley has compiled a super self-development book against his real-life story of heroism, self-destruction and triumph. People dedicated to helping themselves or others aspire towards being their best self will benefit from this down-to-earth book. Regardless of what you want to excel at, Kurek provides a practical set of guidelines that are easy to understand. The fact that Kurek has achieved personal and professional excellence adds authenticity to what he says. Here is a man who knows what suffering involves, and equally he knows how to rise above it and make life a testament to greatness.

  8. Libby (verified owner)

    This story was not only beautiful to read, but the message was incredibly powerful. Kurek delivers his life story in a heartfelt and loving way, his imperfections and growth laid bare for the world to see. So honest. Since reading, my life has not been the same. Love is hard to achieve – particularly in tougher situations. But it’s power is transformational. The message is so simple and yet to put into practice has such a profound impact on ones life. I could not put it down. I wanted to grow, I wanted to love and I wanted to know how. Years later, it comes to mind each time I have conflict. Instead of behaving in ways that don’t serve either myself or the other, I choose love. And it pays off so much that the next time is easier. I am not perfect, but who is. I am eternally grateful to Kurek, and his work. I highly recommend this book as a great read with a powerful message. Thank you Kurek. Hugs. x

  9. Tobin B. Crenshaw (verified owner)

    Many will remember when Church Norris was shooting a move in the 1980s and a helicopter caught fire and several people were injured and a man died. That man was Kurek Ashley’s friend, at the time Ashley was a stuntman for Norris. However, the man who died continued to be seen by Ashley, who went into deep depression and was found by God in the process For Ashley to share such intimate details as he does in this book takes great courage. Anthony Robbins calls him outstanding, and after reading this book so do I. The message Ashley received from God is that we are to give and receive love and learn in the process. This book is about pursuing your dreams and is loaded with success principles, but more than that it is about fulfillment and love from a man who has faced death in a profound manner. He also shares how he learned to cope with and listen to his friend who he still saw after his death. Far more than a book about goals and dreams (though an excellent one in its own right in these areas), it is a book about a search for what matters most while living life at a level of outstanding, a blueprint for success and the ultimate truth, love is all there is.

  10. Jacki Janetzki (verified owner)

    “How Would Love Respond?” is not merely the title of a book, it’s a way of life. Thank you Kurek, your message transformed my life when it inspired a new thought of my own: “If today was my last day on Earth, what would I ensure I get done?” I now make every day count and take consistent daily action so that when the time comes for me to take my last breath, I will be able to say: “I’m proud of the way I lived my life.” How Would Love Respond? Love would say: “Thank you for every life experience.”

  11. Terence Randall (verified owner)

    Excellent book that gives you the tools to take some action in your own life. I would highly recommend this read for anyone looking to start fresh, or even those looking for a new perspective on life. Kurek really walks his talk, giving freely of his expreiences and lessons. THese are most costly things in one’s life and sometimes one has to epxerience them first hand for them to be taken seriously. If you can take these lessons on board and translate them to your own life, you may have the luxury of appreciating Kurek’s gift as exactly that – a gift of the life you deserve.

  12. Jules (verified owner)

    Beautifully written. Inspiring and thought provoking. If you want some clear insight to help you gather momentum and live the life of your dreams this book will certainly inspire you to do so. Many blessings to Kurek for his honest and heartfelt words.

  13. Sharyn Abbott (verified owner)

    Kurek Ashley is a new discovery of mine and I am so pleased to have found his latest book, “How Would Love Respond? a work of art. You will get caught up in the writing and be enveloped in the consummation of love. Let go, let love in your life.

  14. Michael Garside (verified owner)

    “How would love respond” I read in a weekend. once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. All I can say is buy it and read it. I loved it so much I bought 17 of them, had Kurek sign them for me and gave them as gifts to my friends. Do yourself a favour and get it.

  15. Sally Shields (verified owner)

    This book will make you laugh out loud, cry, and jump for joy. Kurek demonstrates how anyone can turn their life around no matter how bleak the circumstances appear. This book is a must read – you will not be able to put it down!

  16. S Lloyd (verified owner)

    I have read a lot of these books but this is definately One of the best. It is written from the heart and I believe shows the clarity and understanding that Kurek truley has regarding himself, people and the universe. It is an inspirational book that I will read again and again. Thank you Kurek.

  17. J. Bourke (verified owner)

    This is an insightful and inspirational book. It is a book about love written with love. I highly recommend it to anybody looking to have more in their lives than they currently do.

  18. Philip J. Millroy (verified owner)

    Kurek has proven beyond doubt that love is the answer. Wow the ending just blew me away, Kurek is a man who lives up to his teachings and proves once and for all, exactly from the heart, “How would love respond”. I urge you to buy two copies and give one to someone with all your love. Bless you Kurek

  19. Adryenn Ashley (verified owner)

    …read this book. It offers a very different perspective about “turning the other cheek.” But his life story that is interwoven is really intriguing. I wish he’d be speaking in the US way more often! He’s the Tony Robbins of Australia. Totally cool!

  20. Action International Donald Schin (verified owner)

    Kurek’s book is a walk through real personal suucess and performance keys. He virtually ‘coaches’ you to personal bests. Simple, understandable principles to apply yourself. it’s an easy yet very valuable read. Highly recommend it.

  21. Elizabeth Walker

    My husband and I read this book one chapter at a time. We took notes and then compared our learnings. All of he learnings were wonderful and the best part was they were completely different! This book has changed our lives, the way we do business and the quality of our relationship. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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