How do you want to be remembered? This question is life-changing when you ask it of yourself.

Perhaps it’s not something that you think about very often, however if you want to be remembered in a certain way the only way to do that is to start living that way right now. Otherwise, how are you going to be remembered that way if that’s not actually how you live?

A lot of people know my story from when I was an actor working in Hollywood. I’d just finished doing a movie with Sylvester Stallone and was now working in the Philippines on a film with Chuck Norris. Here I was at 27 years old, working in big-budget movies alongside legends that I loved. Well, during the filming of Delta Force II with Chuck Norris, I was involved in a helicopter crash where five of my friends died, and one of them my very best friend Mike. He died in my arms at only 29 years of age.

After that event my world went into a very negative tailspin – drugs, drinking, attempted suicide, depression. And one of the key things that really changed my life in those days was asking myself, “How do you want to be remembered Kurek?

You see before the helicopter crash I was such a positive guy, always working on my own personal development and helping others with theirs through coaching and speaking engagements. So here I was, this positive guy, and then my life goes into this downward spiral. And when I asked myself “How do you want to be remembered?” I realised that I didn’t want to be remembered the way I was. Not like that. I realised my life was so close to being over at that point, and that all I would be remembered as was a guy that had a lot of promise and a lot of ability, but unfortunately this was just another story of some guy who could have been and done something great in life, but didn’t.

Now, you’re life doesn’t have to be in a tailspin to have this scenario play out. Here’s the thing: if you’re not living as the person that you want to be remembered as right now, when are you going to start being that person? Are you going to be a person that made a difference on the planet? Are you going to be a person that made a difference to the people in your life? What kind of impact will you have left on them? Did you strive to make the very best out of yourself?

The natural order of the universe is for everything in the universe to reach it’s highest potential; that is to evolve. And in life you’re either evolving, or dissolving – nothing stays the same. So are you that person who is consistently seeking to reach your highest potential so that not only do you have a better holistic quality of life, but so also that you show other people how to do the same and that it’s possible? You see, if you’re seeking to reach your highest potential then you’re showing people how to do it just because you’re doing it, and you’re inspiring them to do the same in their lives. You might hear them saying to you, “You inspire me!” or “You’re an inspiration!” Well inspire means “in-spirit”- that is, to be in your spirit. So when we participate and play full out and when we work on evolving ourselves, we make a difference to everybody around us.

You might not even know how many people you’re actually inspiring. I’ve had many people come up to me over the years and say, “You changed my life. You made a difference.” An example of this is a few years ago when I was awarded as distinguished alumni in the hall of fame of my high school. It all started with a woman who I actually went to high school with – she nominated me for the award. And when I asked her about her nomination she said,” When I was in high school I had a terrible time. Nobody even noticed me or paid attention to me – except for you. You always had this smile on your face, you were always outgoing and would come up to me and ask me how my day was going. And you’d always give me a hug and say that if there was anything you could do for me to let you know. It was because of you Kurek that I kept going. You inspired me.”

So all those years later, this woman nominated me for this award because of the difference I made in her life. And the reason I’m sharing this story with you is because back then I was just a high school student. I wasn’t a best selling author yet or on-stage like I am now. Yet even back then I was always working on myself and bettering myself and sharing that with those around me. And it obviously had an influence.

You see, when you work on yourself and try to make the best of yourself, you become abundant and you share that energy with those around you. When you evolve yourself in education, communication, self-love, love for others, health and fitness, business, wealth – all of it, you inspire others to do the same. Trust that just by living this way, you are making a difference. And the benefits are there for you instantaneously too.

So, how do you want to be remembered? The key to this question is to start living that way now. Imagine asking yourself these questions at the end of your life:

  • Did I make a difference? Did I count while I was here?
  • Did I love other people? Did I love myself? Every issue that you have come down to a self-love issue. If you really loved yourself would you allow yourself to stay poor or middle-class? If you really loved yourself would you abuse drugs, alcohol or cigarettes?
  • Did I have fun? The whole purpose of life is to enjoy it. Because when you enjoy it, you’ll spread the enjoyment and everyone around you will enjoy life too.

If you’ve read my bestselling book How would Love respond? you’ll know that I was given a gift. And the gift goes like this:

Everything in this life is borrowed. We have to give it all back. The only thing that you get to keep is the love that you gave, the love that you receive and the experiences your soul got to have.

How do you have those experiences in your soul? You have love and gratitude for everything you get in life. And everything you do, do it in a loving way. Everybody that you come into contact with, treat them in a loving way. And certainly treat yourself in a loving way. Quit beating yourself up and instead acknowledge yourself for everything you’re doing approximately right. Ask yourself everyday, “What do I love about myself today?” and convince yourself of the answer. And if you think that’s egotistical I’m going to tell you that it’s egotistical not to do this. Ego stands for Edging God Out. It’s not a religious things, it’s just that love is the most powerful force in the universe and if you want to find connection in life – to yourself, to others around you and to the greater universe then that’s through self-love. How are you going to love anybody else when you don’t love yourself first?

For all of us, death is inconvenient. It may not happen when you think it’s supposed to happen. So start living the life that you want to be remembered by right now, so that when you’re time’s up you are remembered the way you wanted to be remembered. And the real benefit of all of this is the living of it, while you’re here.

This question will change your life when you ask it: “How will I be remembered?” It’s going to hold you to a higher standard and it’ll get you to participate in life at a higher level. The fulfillment that you’ll get from this will be amazing!