Let’s talk about investing. What is your biggest investment right now? And are you getting a big return on your investment?

And no, we’re not going to be talking about money here. That’s not your biggest investment. There’s something way more valuable than money that we’re talking about here whether you know it or not. So what is it?

You’re biggest investment is called your TIME, because no matter how much time you put in, you’re not going to get any time back. Your time is limited, and the clock’s ticking. I don’t know anyone that’s getting any younger, do you?

And like any other investment, wouldn’t you want the biggest returns on your investment? Yes! Well, I’m about to show you how. And the way to do it is so simple, yet profoundly powerful.

You see in life, you’re either evolving or dissolving; nothing stays the same. Most people in life are dissolving. Let’s take health and fitness for example: in most western civilizations most people are out of shape and overweight and it’s hitting epidemic proportions. Here in Australia a couple of years ago we had a 10-year old die of a heart attack from being obese. It’s crazy.

  • 60% of all marriages are ending in divorce.
  • Most people don’t have any goals, and on average only 3% of people write down their goals every year. If you don’t know where you’re going how are you supposed to get there?
  • 97% of people who work 45 years of their life away (and those are the best and youthful years of your life, right?) end up broke at the end of the 45 years. Of the remaining 3%, 2% just survive on their retirement funds, and then 1% make it through being wealthy.
  • What’s the most consumed drug on the planet? Anti-depressants. Why are so many people taking anti-depressants? This isn’t a trick question! It’s because they’re depressed, and they’re depressed because they’re overweight or out of shape, have broken relationships, don’t have any goals and dreams, and/or they’re broke.

The point of all this is, there’s a way to change that. Choose an area of your life: any area – relationship, health and fitness, finances, you choose. Now imagine a 1% growth in this area. 1% growth may not sound like a lot, but imagine if you got 1% interest from the bank on your money everyday. This becomes massive over time, especially when it’s compounding. Most people don’t go for the 1% because they don’t see the power in just a 1% growth.

Yet with just 1% growth, you’re on a new trajectory. You see, if you stayed on course with just a 1% improvement every day, well there’s massive growth and results in that. The challenge is that most people overestimate what they can do in the short term but underestimate what they can do in the long-term. And it’s in the long-term that we really produce those massive results.

An example of this is New Years Eve when people commonly set new years resolutions. Gyms love the beginning of the year because there’s such an influx in memberships because people have set resolutions to get in shape! But by February most people have dropped off attending the gym because they haven’t gotten the results yet that they were looking for, so they wind up quitting. They were probably hoping to lose weight but because muscle weighs 3 more times than fat does, the scales haven’t gone down so people get disheartened by this and they wind up quitting. Even though they might be feeling better from working out more.

If they had of used the CDI strategy, things are likely to have turned out different! What’s CDI? It’s the key to producing growth results:

C – consistent

D – daily

I – improvement

With CDI, you stay on track. You produce results that smash anything you’ve ever done before. And the way to put the CDI strategy into action is to ask yourself this question: How can I make this better?

This question is so simple that a lot of people don’t believe it can work, because it’s too easy, and so they don’t start trying. DON’T BE THIS PERSON. Shift your mindset NOW. I’m so passion about this because it’s a real tool that works. Put it into action, stay on track with it, and this is going to blow your mind and produce massive results in your life.

So every day start asking yourself: How can I make this better? This question creates consistent improvement. Whatever area it is you want to improve on, every day you need to be journaling answers to the following questions:

  1. What did I do great?
  2. How can I make this better?
  3. By what % did I improve?

Remember, you can apply the CDI strategy to any area of your life that you want – health and fitness, relationships, finances, business, any area. Imagine if you grew in any of those areas by a rate of 1% per year over the space of a year. That’s more than 365% growth in a year because of the compounding interest!

I hope this was of real value to you. It’s something that I even work with my private clients on. The CDI strategy: put it into action in your life and your life will dramatically change.