Is there someone in your life that knows exactly how to get under your skin and push your buttons? Everybody has someone like that in their life, right?

The reason I know that everyone has a button pusher in their life is because one of them is the same for all of us– Mum! Why is Mum by far is the number one button pusher? Well, mum created all of your buttons so she knows where they are, and spiritually it’s her job to push them.

The way that you get rid of all the button pushers in your life is through perception. When you shift your perception about what a button pusher is, you‘ll change your whole concept of who they are and why, in fact, it’s great to have them in your life. So no, this isn’t about getting rid of Mum! In reality, your button pushers are your spiritual guides. They’re the people who are here to show you where you still need to evolve.

When you work that area of your life that’s bothering you, once that button gets pushed again it won’t bother you anymore because it’s just not an issue for you anymore! So all that the button pushers are doing is pointing out where the flaw is – the weak spot in your armor, and you should be grateful for that because if they hadn’t have pointed it out we probably wouldn’t have even realized we had a weak spot there! Once we see where the weak spot is, we have the opportunity to work on ourselves.

And most powerful investment you can ever make is in your own personal development. Personal development isn’t about motivation and positive thinking – yes, those are great tools, yet personal development really means to develop your person into being a more evolved, more developed version of yourself. That higher level version of yourself that you become will automatically do things differently than you used to do; think differently than you used to think and produce results differently to what you’ve ever produced. And a lot of those results will be easier because the new version of you will be able to figure out an easier way to do things; easier ways to get through life with less conflict and more joy and fulfillment. And much better results.

There used to be a time in my life when I thought all wealthy people were jerks, because that was the kind of experience I had in my youth with wealthy people. So that helped form my perception of wealth, and wealthy people. Since then, I have met so many grateful, gracious, charitable, giving people who are wealthy and it’s changed my whole perception of them. A law of nature is the Law of Polarity that says everything must have opposite sides to it. You can’t have a good without a bad, a left without a right, a top without a bottom. Everything has opposite sides to it. So this means that yes, there are some wealthy people in life who are not so good, and there’s great people who are wealthy. And by the way, there are lots of not so good people who are poor too! And you don’t tend to hear about those ones in the media because that’s so common that it’s not even a news story! Instead the media loves to talk about the wealthy people who are ripping people off or are greedy because that’s drama and people love their drama. The news isn’t real, it’s only an interpreted perception of part of a story, and it’s been sensationalized because people love their drama and it get’s people watching the news. Note: If you’re always watching the news, your life will become dramatic like the news!

So if you change your perception, you’ll change your reality of the world and the way you participate in it. So with wealth, I used to also think that they pushed my buttons because I thought they had a life I didn’t have and “it’s easy for them” and “I have to work and you don’t” and “who do you think you are!”

And guess what? I also used to think that wealth was hard to create. And the good wealthy people used to tell me that wealth is a mindset. When I heard that I first thought, “Wealth is a mindset? That’s easy for you to say, you’ve got money! Of course you can think that way!” They told me, “No, once you change the way you’re thinking – change your perception, you’ll change your reality and you’ll start becoming wealthy.” When I did that I found out they were right. Wealth is easy to create. And also the button pushers in my life were all simply pushing my buttons in an area that I needed to develop myself in. As we all do.

That’s what happens for all of us. And that’s why Mum’s the number one button pusher because spiritually that’s her job. Remember she gave birth to you and she wants you to have the best life! So it’s her job to help you become the best person you can be, and that you have the best life possible. The only way you can have the best life possible is to keep evolving yourself. The natural order of the universe is for everything to seek to reach it’s highest potential – to evolve.

Charles Darwin said it’s not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent. It’s the one’s that are most able to adapt. Which is to evolve. So everything in the universe is seeking to express it’s growth, it’s evolution. Growth is always happening.

We need to start looking at those button pushers as our spiritual guides. Instead of getting angry, we get grateful and thank them. Thank you for showing me where I need to evolve. First they’re probably going to stop trying to push the button because they’re going to realize maybe they’re not getting the results out of you. Maybe they were trying to wind you up or get you to feel bad! But when you don’t and instead you get grateful and you thank them for it.

Look at your button pushers in a different way. Change your perception. Think to yourself, “Thanks for pointing that out to me!” and then go work on that area. Like I said, once you work on that area in your life where that button gets pushed, you’ll get stronger in that area and the button will no longer work.

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