How do you get everything you want in your life?

The reason I say everything is because there really is only one formula for success in any area of your life, whether it’s health or fitness, financial, or having a great relationship or a successful business. The actions that you take will be different for each area, but the formula behind those actions is exactly the same for each area of your life.

I’m assuming that if you’re still reading this that you do want some better results in your life. Well, I’m about to tell you how you’re going to do it! If you want better results you need to put this formula into play.

Here it is: in order to produce new results in life, you’re going to have to start operating “above the line”. Above the line are the results you want. Below the line is where you have reasons, excuses and blame for not getting the results.

Did you know that only unsuccessful people have excuses? Successful people don’t have any excuses. We don’t have time to have an excuse because if we don’t get the result we want then we don’t sit around looking for the excuse for it; instead we look for some different strategies to help us get the result. You can spend your time however you want, but either way your time is being spent. If you’re going to waste your time looking for and analyzing the reasons why you don’t have results, that’s wasting time that you could be spending on finding the strategies that will get you the result. Makes sense, right?

A lot of people say to me, “But I need to analyze why it didn’t work so that I know what to do next time.” That’s not accurate! If you spend more time working out how to get what you want, instead of working out how you didn’t get what you wanted, then there’s a good chance you’re going to come up with the answers to getting the results! Like I said, you can spend your time however you want, but either way it’s being spent. I’d rather focus on how I can make the results happen! Whatever you focus on is what you’re going to get.

Reasons and excuses are below the line. And so is blame. Have you heard these statements before: “It’s not my fault!”, “It’s the government’s fault!”, “It’s my parent’s fault!”, “I didn’t get enough education”, “I didn’t grow up in the right neighbourhood/country!”, “I’m the wrong skin colour!”, or “I’m too old or too young.” Whatever it is, participating in excuses, blame or justification renders you powerless – they take all your power away.

Here’s what I mean by that: when we participate below the line what we’re saying is that the cause of my problems is “out there”. That it’s “somebody else” or “something else” and that’s the reason why I haven’t got my results yet. Well, the Law of Cause and Effect simply states that every Cause creates an Effect, and every Effect is being created by a Cause. This isn’t a rule of nature; it’s a Law, which means it’s applied to everyone, all of the time – no exceptions. This Law is in place whether you believe it or not, or whether you know it or not.

When we’re blaming something or someone else for why we don’t have the results we want yet, it renders us powerless because we can’t change things that are outside of ourselves. It’s a victim mentality when you think that it’s something outside of you that’s causing the effect. And when you think that way, you act that way, and that’s what keeps producing the lack of results.

Albert Einstein said that all conditions and all circumstances in our life is the result of a certain level of thinking. When you change those conditions and circumstances, you change that level of thinking that’s responsible for it. So, we have to change how we’re looking at the world first, because when we change the way we look at the world, the world that we’re looking at will change.

“In order for things to change, I must change first.”

And that’s where it starts – with you. That’s what you’re in control of. We might not be able to control the outside forces, but what we can control is how we think and how we feel. Then you have all the power within you because when you think and feel differently, then you can act differently and that’s what’s going to produce a different result.

In order to have the results that you want in your life you have to first take responsibility for your life. When you take responsibility for your life – that is, the ability to choose how you respond, you get a new result. A new action is going to produce a new result. “When I choose a new response, I will get a new result.” Now, there’s power in that!

So this is why we want to start living our lives above the line, because below the line renders us powerless. Above the line, we’re all powerful.

Make a start on this by asking yourself the following questions:

  • “Am I getting caught up in the blame, justification or excuses?”
  • “Am I choosing how I respond to this, in a way that’s going to get my result?”
  • “Am I above the line, or below the line?”

When you start putting this strategy into action – when you start figuring out if you’re operating about the line or below the line, and becoming aware of that, then this is a game changer! This way of operating has been so beneficial to so many people – just by starting to ask the question, “Am I above the line or below the line?” and then deciding “I’m going to choose to live my life above the line because that’s where I’m going to get new results.”